Pissing barbed wired and blood after bladder stone removal

Post Surgical Pain control with the Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer……urologist letter Morena good morning Hazel, You are not bad for a Pom and your crew of Poms too inanahi/yesterday.  Nah!  In fact, all you guys were totally friggin awesome including nurse Hazel, Charlie alchemist, and anaesthetic man extraordinaire, nurses Yasmeen, Kelly, and Sydnee, or isContinue reading “Pissing barbed wired and blood after bladder stone removal”

“Wow! Did I just dodge a heart attack bullet?”

An hour into drifting off to sleep last Sunday, a familiar grinding persistent pain gripped me in my lower chest.  It was slightly right of centre, waking me up. As a survivor of two previous heart attacks, I thought I recognised the symptoms straight away. The pain is persistent.  And it has a grinding characteristic. Continue reading ““Wow! Did I just dodge a heart attack bullet?””

Herpes – is not called the “pox” for nothing!

As the old joke of the 80’s goes – “What is the difference between true love and herpes?” Answer. “Herpes, because herpes lasts forever.” Just when you are feeling a bit mentally and emotionally low – a bit physically tired and fatigued, along comes the dreaded tingle to your lips or nether regions – orContinue reading “Herpes – is not called the “pox” for nothing!”

Taranaki Pain Rescue and Wellness

Drug and needle free pain relief is a mere phone call away from you right now! I created this site, for people to look at pain and wellness in a new light by using an old light. An old light using the understandings of some 4000 years worth of acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicines widely usedContinue reading “Taranaki Pain Rescue and Wellness”

My awesome 98 year old Auntie

My awesome 98 year old Auntie is the full deck of cards mentally. She still lives independently, cooks, cleans, washes clothes, and makes up beds for incoming guests. It was in that line of activity recently, that she severely barked her shin. She rolled a good 40-50mm of skin back down her leg. The complicatingContinue reading “My awesome 98 year old Auntie”

Have you worked brutally hard too?

   Might your thyroid be telling this, and you are not aware? I’ve always worked hard even from a young age. Not just averagely hard – but grindingly, brutally hard at times. I was reminded of just how hard that was, when Don of age 69, came to see me this week about his badContinue reading “Have you worked brutally hard too?”