One painful kidney stone episode later… trusty Tennant Biomodulator comes to the rescue at 3.00am

I’ve been throwing off a few kidney stones off lately. Or maybe it is just existing ones moving further down the internal plumbing.

Either way, some say kidney stones are painful than childbirth. And I’ve now had 4 such pain events in the last 8 months with 3 trips into ED to quell the pain involved.

I’m now used to the lead up and unleashing of the pain that kidney stones involve.

Lead up to a kidney stone event

These are some warning signs that I have come to recognise:

  • Thirst that is unquenched by drinking water
  • Bat shit crazy blood pressure (160/95 odd) that is unrelieved by my standard repertoire of quick fixes, alternate nostril breathing, physical exercise to blow the cortisol off, Tennant Biomodulator bowling ball routine
  • Stiff lower back

Plus I found out after, I had high oxalate levels – the stuff that helps create the stones.

Into the world of pain….

I find that kidney stones affect both my urinary and bowel/large intestine functions.

I get the overwhelming urge to have both a piss and a dump. Usually at the same time. The stone not only spasms the ureter. But the surrounding organs and tissues.

In this instance, I awoke at 3.00am, and struggled to figure out why I was having both pain in my lower left abdomial quadrant. And an urge to run to the toilet.

Initially it was the odd frontal location that threw me. More to the lower left front side, than in the flank and side or back even where they had usually been.

Having satisfied the run to the toilet, I returned to bed and reached for my trusty Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer.

Out of the world of pain with Biomodulator and Transducer

I switched it on and turned into Infinity mode at full power

It took me around 10-15 minutes to get the pain level back to a point where I could return to sleep.

That relief lasted for several hours, then the pain returned.

Whatever doubts I had about whether it was a kidney stone vanished. The pain moved more to the flank and back to a familiar location.

Shining a light with the crystal wave transducer that sends scalar energy down the light beam

Again the pain went away in 10-15 minutes treating it with the Biomodulator and Transducer. Fortunately, I’ve been pain free since.

Kidney stones or renal colic are a connundrum

My experience of kidney stones, or renal colic as it is medicaly called, runs back over 40 years. Fortunately, not all that frequently. But in this last year, a spate of them as I struggle with a calcification problem. Calcium goes into where it shouldnt, into arteries and kidneys. And out of where it needs to be in bones.

Again fortunately, I’m aware of it. And have plans to coutneract it.

Treatment in mainstream ED situations in my experience, is pretty limited to pain control. And then letting them pass naturally if they are say <6mm. Then surgery to reach up and grab them and remove them if they are>6mm or dont pass.

Certainly, I would absolutely take mainstream treatment, if the stones moved and blocked the outlet of my bladder to the point where having a piss was difficult or worse completely absent. Thats is a no brainer!

In this situation, it means getting to ED ASAP and certainly within 4 hours. Or so I’m told by the hospital urologist. Or my days of walking the planet are over

That aside, neither mainstream options of pain control or ureteroscopy (reaching up through your old fulla with a catheter, and grabbling the stone) are not particularly adequate or pleasant.

Neither of these address the underlying conditions and drivers of what created the stones in the first place.

Why do we get kidney stones?

Men in particular, more than women are stone formers. Gender by itself however, is not an explanation.

Listening to mainstream medicine, I get two things:

  • First reduce the oxalate heavy foods – all my favs like
    • Nuts and seeds,
    • Strawberries
    • Chocolate
    • Legumes – too bad for any vegetarian tendencies I may have!
    • Beetroot
    • Spinach
    • Kumara / sweet potato

I love all those food groups. Hence figuring out a way to address how and why they cause issues with oxalate accumulation and stone forming, is important.

  • Second increase hydration – just drink more pure water plain and simple

For me, I’ve always been a chronic dehydrator. Some days I would struggle to drink a litre.

I’ve tried hydration apps that give reminders on a smartphone. But lack of consistency has been the enemy here.

I also think that my being in a state of constant sympathetic on – fight or flight mode – has also played a large part. I love projects and the business of doing stuff. All of that takes focus away from the inner world.

Mental and cognitive overload, are the natural consequences. And in turn, forgetting to drink and dehydration are the outcomes.

As are painful kidney stones.

Pain control for kidney stones

I’ve run the gamut here with NSAID’s like Diclofenac, through to opioids like morphine for the more extreme episodes of kidney pain.

All have unwelcome side effects. All interfere with other vital body functions and processes.

Finding this Tennant technology in 2012,changed my life forever. More importantly, the health model and philosophy that underpins it, has the capacity and ability to revolutionise health care internationally.

If you think that is a bold statement., consider this. The allopathic, pharmaceutical and surgery model has reigned supreme for just 120 years, since the early 1900’s

It goes like this…..

If a chronic health problem exists, then suppress it with drugs or pharmaceutical or drug based solutions. Treat the problem a symptomatic level. Do not address the driver’s or the causes of that problem.

If the problem still persists, then cut out the offending part of the body. Think of prostate and breast cancer here as prime examples. Or in the case of hearts, simply re plumb the king organ.

Nothing fundamentally changes the conditions that created these issues, with these mainstream solutions.

These are nothing more than a new form of middle aged bloodletting to cure chronic health problems and disease. It is medical barbarism at it worst, dressed up as TINA – “there is no alternative!”

There are some important caveats here:

  • Seek medical attention via a CT scan, to deal with the diagnostic aspects of this
    • What is the location of the stone or stones?
    • How big are they?
    • Is they likely to pass naturally?
    • How likely are they to cause future pain issues if they move?
    • How likely are they to cause a medical emergency ie it block the outlet to your bladder?

These questions require the input of a qualified medical professional.

For drug and needle free pain control, there is the Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer.

The Biomodulator is based on 4,000 years worth of Chinese acupuncture and Indian Ayurvedic medical practice

How the Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer works to control pain

The Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer works by sending voltage at the right intensity and frequency into the affected part of the body.

The human body works at a voltage level of minus 20-25 millivolts.

It takes minus 50 millivolts to repair from any injury or chronic ill health conditions.

When body starts going down the voltage scale through injury or illness, to minus 15 and minus 5-10 millivolts, pain sets in.

Chronic pain from injury or illness, is therefore a symptom of low body voltage.

In the instance of treating my kidney stones, setting the Biomodulator and Transducer into Infinity mode, simply means creating the ability to send voltage/electrical impulse energy into any affected organ.. In this case, the kidneys, ureter and bladder

It’s a bit like recharging a battery. The cells may get enough voltage to crank or turn the engine over. In this case, relieve the pain. But if the battery has dud cells, then it will not hold the charge.

The next trick is to use the diagnostic tools that come with the Biomodulator to systematically analyse the overall circuitry of the body. Then to track back through the muscle battery pack power supplies via the bio terminal points that feed the kidneys and bladder.

Where are those dud cells and circuits and what is taking them down?

An example of how this works

This is a measurement of my Bioterminal points in June 2021.

This shows a number of things:

  • >75% of my overall voltage readings are low – Dr Tennant would say that’s strongly indicative of hypothyroidism
  • my big grunty stomach spleen circuit is low – this drives the entire endocrine system incl thyroid, pancreas, adrenal etc, plus the male reproductive system and in females, the breasts, key components of the eyes
  • my bladder circuit is low – and I have a bladder stone lodged there as revealed by a CT scan

A number of blood tests reinforce what is going on here – high oxalates, high homocysteine, low zinc.

Surely, I can feel smart and cocky that I’ve got on top of my most recent kidney stone episode without diclofenac or morphine.

But the bottom line is, that I’ve got some serious improvement work to do to improve my overall health status to get to the bottom of what is driving these kidney stone episodes in the first place.

The Tennant Biomodulator can play at the diagnostic end of this. Plus it can assist at the treatment end for any acute episodes of pain and discomfort.

Published by Zenian

"There is a hugely better way to fix our chronic health problems without drugs or surgery We just need to open our minds to what has worked in the past, to be able to see the future." That intensely held belief, plus my own experience of surgery to "fix" my heart problems, drives my desire to create better alternatives for people with chronic health issues. Travelling to Texas in 2012 to the Tennant Institue, transformed my view of what constituted good health. Disappearing down the rabbit hole of energetic medicine is both revealing and overwhelming. Revealing in the sense of being gifted insights that go back over 4,000 years. Overwhelming in the sense of understanding just how limited and entrenched, our current models and practice are when it comes to fixing chronic health issues. Working at changing that, is a huge part of my kaupapa - agenda while I remain here on this earth!

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