When the big ow ow ow!!!

Becomes an ongoing nagging, “won’t go away” ow

Dealing with chronic, nagging ongoing pain

Pain takes many forms.  The sharp instant type of pain from stubbing a toe.  Or hitting a finger or thumb with a hammer.  Or knocking a knee of shin on a sharp corner of a low table.  We call this acute pain – from a specific moment in time.

If it is from a sporting or injury suffered during exercise or movement, sometimes you can mentally note it to yourself.  “That will be sore in the morning,” you may say to yourself under your breath.

Chronic ongoing pain that sneaks up on you

Sometimes pain just sneaks up on you.  It might be work related.  You have been holding yourself in the same position for long periods of time.  Now the lactic acid that has gradually built up in the affected limb, or your back becomes noticeable.  And suddenly, you cannot bend, reach, or twist your head, limb, or your torso as you did before.

“Whoop whoop – pull up pull up – ground approaching”

Chronic pain is also like the ground proximity warning signal on a plane.  When the plane comes too close to the ground, a radar generated warning comes on.  You may get such a warning signal from the onset of your pain.  Pain may be a signal for an impending disease or poor health condition.

As Dr Jerry Tennant says, pain is always simply a symptom of low body voltage. 

Using the Tennant Bio-modulator, we can accurately measure this, much like an auto electrician would test for electrical leaks on your car with a voltmeter.

Longer term, we can gain similar insights using an HRV (heart rate variability) or monitor.   We can track dips in our HRV using these monitors.  HRV is an accurate predictor of disease and mortality for the 9 of the 10 leading causes of death.  The only mortality category it does not predict, is death from traffic accidents. 

I will be having more to say about HRV in future blogs.  But for now, just note that there are simple, easily affordable devices and free software, that allow you to record and track the state of your HRV every day.  And accordingly, your disease risk, and longevity status.

Now back to the low body voltage story……

Chronic, nagging pain as your “early warning device,” is a symptom of low body voltage

We can measure body voltage using this meridian chart in conjunction with the Tennant Biomodulator and electrode.

By doing this, we can pick up if there is an overall problem – say low thyroid for example.

Or a specific problem – say low voltage in particular body circuit.  This may mean something like a dental infection or root canal filling, is taking the body voltage down to that meridian.

When Geoff came to see me a couple of weeks ago, he had pain radiating down this right leg.

In Geoff’s case, he knew he had early onset Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease is currently considered to be incurable according to mainstream medicine.

Geoff however was up for the challenge seeking out the source of his illness…!

I measured Geoff’s overall body voltage using the Tennant Biomodulator and the meridian chart.  He was low on both his heart and brain forehead meridian circuits. 

Then Geoff said that he has root canals at teeth 18 and 31 on his lower jaw.

Go here for the interactive version of this

 By clicking on the specific tooth in the interactive link, you can see the organ and muscle groups it links to in an energetic sense.

In Geoff’s case, his root canal fillings are potentially implicated in both his pain and his Parkinson’s condition.

Teeth 18 and 31 sit alongside the teeth with the pituitary gland connections, plus the thyroid next teeth along.

If there is an infection in teeth 18 and 31, then it wont just be these teeth that are affected.  The adjoining teeth will also be potentially affected.

In Geoff’s case, he was already taking synthetic thyroid medication for an underactive thyroid condition.

Geoff wanted to know if there was quick fix available from simply hooking up to the Tennant device and “recharging” him.

I pointed out to him, that recharging the body in this way, was rather like trying to recharge a battery with a dud cell.  The first few cranks on the starter are OK.  But then just as quickly, the batter dies away and goes flat.  And the underlying problem of the dud cell remains.

Quick fixes are sometimes available for acute pain – less likely for chronic pain

I have used the Tennant device on myself with great success on many occasions where I have had acute pain from an incident.

Chronic pain is different.

In the vein of good detective novel or “whodunnit,” there is an element of time and patience required to unpick and identify the potential “suspects.”

Teeth and dental infections lie at the root of much of this. For now, just note that there is not available here in New Zealand, a network of people, skilled in all facets of connecting the dots between dental infections and chronic health problems.

I can certainly assist in providing some insights at a preliminary stage, based on my eight years of use of the Tennant device, completion of basic and advanced training at the Tennant Institute in the US. However, this whole area will require change, commitment, and courage from other registered health professionals to be able to deliver the kind of solutions, I believe are required.

A new health paradigm or model based on the principles of energetic medicine is required. Meantime, those of us who believe in essential correctness of energetic medicine, must delicately weave our way through the minefield that confronts us.

Setting correct and realistic expectations when dealing with people with chronic or intractable health or pain conditions is important.

Many people in this instant world of ours expect instant results.

To those I would say, “good things come to those who are prepared to wait (or exercise some patience).”

Dr Tennant has provided us with a way to uncover the root sources of chronic pain.  He has infused contemporary space programme technology with the Tennant Biomodulator, with the wisdom and insight of 4,000 years’ worth of acupuncture and ayurvedic energetic medicine.

There are still a few gaps in this equation here in New Zealand.  This will be the subject of some future blogs.


Published by Zenian

"There is a hugely better way to fix our chronic health problems without drugs or surgery We just need to open our minds to what has worked in the past, to be able to see the future." That intensely held belief, plus my own experience of surgery to "fix" my heart problems, drives my desire to create better alternatives for people with chronic health issues. Travelling to Texas in 2012 to the Tennant Institue, transformed my view of what constituted good health. Disappearing down the rabbit hole of energetic medicine is both revealing and overwhelming. Revealing in the sense of being gifted insights that go back over 4,000 years. Overwhelming in the sense of understanding just how limited and entrenched, our current models and practice are when it comes to fixing chronic health issues. Working at changing that, is a huge part of my kaupapa - agenda while I remain here on this earth!

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