My awesome 98 year old Auntie

My awesome 98 year old Auntie is the full deck of cards mentally. She still lives independently, cooks, cleans, washes clothes, and makes up beds for incoming guests.

It was in that line of activity recently, that she severely barked her shin. She rolled a good 40-50mm of skin back down her leg.

The complicating issue besides her age, and naturally thinner skin that injures more easily, was her diabetic status. Diabetes means slower time to heal, greater risk of infection through compromised immune system, and so on.

This photo shows her with a flap of skin folded down and under on itself.

After settling her comfortably as possible and wiping off the excess blood, I immediately used the Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer to minimise her pain. That plus reduce or eliminate her need to use painkillers.

Living in a small rural town has its rewards. That reward came in the form of a helpful neighbour who was able to deftly coax out the fold of skin that was tucked under the top layer. Then tease it back as far as possible to the edge of the wound without further tearing Aunties skin on her shin

This is what it looked like.

We didnt manage to get the torn skin back to the original site where the tear started.

I also applied Renu28 redox gel under the wound dressing. Plus I did several more 10-15 minute sessions with the Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer before she went to bed that night.

Auntie said that she was pain free and able to sleep comfortably. The next day, I took her to the local medical ecntre here in Waipukurau.

This is what her wound looked like the next day before being dressed. It is still raw. But note that there is no swelling or weeping of any consequence.

I took Auntie once more to the medical centre 4 days after on the Wednesday. The practice nurse redressed her wound. The nurse applied some external “stitching.” The wound is clean and free of weeping and infection. This is the wound 4 days after the incident.

Today one week later after this, and 10 days after the incident, this is what her wound looks like.

The edges of the wound to Aunties leg are closing nicely. The skin flap is adhering nicely to the underlying flesh on the leg.

There is no sign of infection or weeping.

The protocol being used is:

  • Tennant bio modulator and Transducer 3 x per day
  • Setting Ten 8 for flesh and bone
  • Maximum power setting for 10-15 minutes
  • ASEA drink 120ml x 2x per day morning and night

Call me now 0211 692 611 to discuss how this unique device can assist you or your patients

Published by Zenian

"There is a hugely better way to fix our chronic health problems without drugs or surgery We just need to open our minds to what has worked in the past, to be able to see the future." That intensely held belief, plus my own experience of surgery to "fix" my heart problems, drives my desire to create better alternatives for people with chronic health issues. Travelling to Texas in 2012 to the Tennant Institue, transformed my view of what constituted good health. Disappearing down the rabbit hole of energetic medicine is both revealing and overwhelming. Revealing in the sense of being gifted insights that go back over 4,000 years. Overwhelming in the sense of understanding just how limited and entrenched, our current models and practice are when it comes to fixing chronic health issues. Working at changing that, is a huge part of my kaupapa - agenda while I remain here on this earth!

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